Skills and Abilities to suit any Role!

I'm constantly learning and evolving, taking on new challenges is what helps me grow as an actress!

Special Skills


Combat – Phase 1 completion of Warrior Master Class – British Action Academy. Skills include routine creation in – fist fighting, cutlass, sword and shield, two handed sword and spear.  Routine building and fighting for film and television.  Phase 2 to be completed in November.  3 years of martial arts. 1 year gymnastics involving tumbling, cartwheeling and round offs.  Good with rings.

Horse Riding – 2 years of lessons – Walking, Trotting, Cantering, controlling.  Can ride in water and without a saddle.

Music – Professional Singer/Songwriter specialising in Alternative Pop and Opera.  5 years of Piano, can sight read on the spot.  Basic guitar.

Dancing – 3 years of competitive Cheerleading – position in squad was flyer, 2 years in hip hop, jazz and ballet.  Basic tap dancing abilities.

Sports – 15 years of Baseball, including Slow pitch, Rookie Ball, Softball and Hardball.  Position held was Short Stop and Right Field. Recreational Swimming including basic high dives and jumps.  Basic tennis, volley ball and basketball.

Art- Excellent sketcher and drawer.  Good with sculptures and paints. Excellent builder and crafter, very good with tools.

Special – Animal handler and trainer.  Animal of choice is the rabbit.  Very good with birds, dogs, cats and rodents.  Accomplished Pastry Chef, specialising in Novelty and Luxury cake decorating.  Basic understanding of Fashion and thread work.

Actress Megan Lockhurst fights in the Warrior Master Class - British Action Academy
Actress Megan Lockhurst Cheerleading - Bristol Extreme AllStars